BAYEGAN is a leading petrochemicals company engaged in marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and R&D activities at a global scale, with a strong heritage dating back to 1940s.


Our vision is supporting the sustainable growth of the petrochemicals sector with an innovation, quality and technology based approach.


Our mission is expanding our core business by investing in R&D, manufacturing and nature-based solutions to generate added value and synergies with the core business, enhancing our strength across the value chain and overall, to support responsible petrochemical sourcing.

Offering a wide product portfolio in polymers, chemicals and plasticizers and addressing local needs, BAYEGAN conducts effective petrochemicals distribution globally.

As the biggest polymers and chemicals sourcing company in Türkiye today, BAYEGAN connects the leading petrochemicals suppliers with its business partners globally. BAYEGAN aims to contribute to sustainable development of the petrochemicals sector in Türkiye by investing in R&D and manufacturing.

● BYPETROKİMYA started its operations in 2019 and is today the leading DOTP manufacturer in Türkiye, Europe and Middle East region.
● Another new investment by BAYEGAN, BYCHEM Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) manufacturing will start in 2024.

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BAYEGAN Globally

Global operations reaching 120 countries across 5 continents
From 13 logistics and warehousing locations at regional HUBs spanning 3 continents

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